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In order to help us visualize the style your looking for, please list a few sites of your competitors, sites you would like to emulate, or sites you think are particularly interesting.


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Check the pages you want:
Home (everyone has at the very least one page)
About Us
Catalog of Products
Clients - a list of your clients
Company Profile
Contact Us
Links Area (for exchanging links with other similar sites)
Products Area
Recent Projects Area
Support Area
Store/Online Shopping/Order Taking

Database and Interactivity

If your project requires any interactivity that will need a backend database, please descibe your needs specifically as possible.
Exampes of database functionality are log in areas where users can populate information and record storage/manipulation/retrieval.

Additional Services and Features to add to your Web site

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Bulletin Board
"Buy One Now" Button
Chat Room
Counter/Traffic Meter
Files for Download
Flash Development
Media Streaming
Password Protected Area
Shopping Cart
Video/Audio Streaming
Virtual Tours

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